Sad AppStore pricing news :/

Higher prices, less for the devs. Nice one. :confused:

That is not what I understand, but, of course I may be wrong.

I understand: Higher prices for the customer, same for the devs.

Sad news indeed for us in both cases…

From what I understand, the price increase is here to offset the VAT increase and the drop of the Euro. Where did you see “less for the devs” ? On the contrary, seems to me by increasing the price they precisely maintain the dev remuneration.

Note that the very same thing happens throughout, in the Windows Store and the Play Store, for instance. Nothing unusual.

[quote=328130:@Christoph De Vocht]

Higher prices, less for the devs. Nice one. :/[/quote]
There are regular adjustments to regional App Store pricing to take account of exchange rate changes and new taxes. From memory, there was another adjustment in some regions earlier this year. The U.K. had a similar change last year.

No need to worry man, it’s just for the adjustment in exchange rates.