S.L.A.M anybody been down this road as of yet. I’m just starting it in XOJO for the first time.

The object is to use a laser to scan a room and draw it out on the canvas class. Of course these laser measurements must be recorded and saved.

The localization of it will be the lazer readings … I have gotten started on it somewhat, but I would be interested in hearing if anybody else has been down this
road as of yet.


Hi Dunn,

I am also starting on this type of project. The parts have been ordered and I haven’t had spare time to work on the algorithm side yet.

For my S.L.A.M. Project I will be using ultrasonics instead of lasers, as I don’t need the high granularity of a laser yet.

This is an interesting topic for sure.


Cool, we should keep in touch… I’m working with the canvas class at this moment in time. I can get it to draw the lines on the screen
but thus far it erases the old line on redraw of the canvas. I looked at the help file for it and it’s set to default to erase it. I’ll figure out
how to stop it from doing that soon, I think.

Good luck with your project,


Dunn, check this: https://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Canvas.EraseBackground


EDIT: And this too: https://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/RectControl.Invalidate (the optional parameter)

Well I have decided on a LattePanda running 64 bit ubuntu X86 platform as the computer of choice.

Next up is the Sick NAV350 laser that will be entrusted to ROS and RQT. This will all be handled with a GUI done in Xojo.

For this to work, ROS makes a bridge that allows communication via JSON, Since Xojo can make use of JSON it’s just perfect!

This is for an industrial robot with over eight servo motors to control via OpenCan and slam via the laser and ROS.

Xojo will be the main program control for the robot, via cellphone, internet or the main display screen. This seems like it should be difficult to achieve but, Xojo is already running a smaller robot with ease. the smaller one is in use in the automotive industrial area
at this point in time.

I’m pretty comfortable with using the Xojo/ROS mix in this robot although, I have never written a JSON program yet. I’m sure with a bit of elbow grease it will work out.