RuntimeViewDestructor crashes on MacOS 10.13

I found a crash and reported it as <>.

Something is broken in control cleanup with reference counts, I think.

This has been reported before: <>

And I want to take the chance to say that closing bugs when Xojo people can’t reproduce them is a bad idea.
They need to be kept in a state where you watch for further information.

SO now as I spend the hour to make that project to crash, I hope it can be fixed!

They closed my feedback case … although it is a very obvious and very serious issue.
I use Sams trick to bypass this crashing on ALL my apps. Otherwise they crash at random. Also happen with 2018R1 (*)

(*) Worst Windows version ever. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Assuming you’re talking about <>, we requested a project that showed the problem and we didn’t get one from you. Crashing bugs can rarely be triaged without a sample to verify the problem and the fix.

You currently have statuses like “Reviewed”, “Verified”, “Fixed & Verified”, and “Closed”. Why not add one called “Unreproducible (so far)”, which would be a purgatory where that type of bug could live without being closed, in case more evidence surfaces.

Because you can always request that we reopen a case if you have more info. Just click on the status, fill out the reason and we get an email.

Most of time when we get an incomplete report we ask for more information and you’d be surprised how often that request gets ignored. When it does, we close the case automatically after 10 days.

Well you could… if it wasn’t for a bug in Feedback that prevents that option from appearing.

+1, that feature is broken for me, too.

Just went to one of my old closed cases. When I click on the status link I get a dialog with a popup for selecting the “action I would like to suggest”. The only option presented is to make the case private.

For reference, the case I logged is:

Ah, and the faulty behavior was verified by Greg O’Lone :slight_smile: