Runtime Error: Thread is detached but not suspended

On Windows 7, i see a Runtime Error i can’t catch.
I have an UnhandledExceptionHandler, but it does not catch this one.

Windows says in a small Dialog Box:

[code]Runtime Error
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit.

Please report what caused this error
along with the information below.

Failure Condition: item -> mSuspended
Thread is detached but not suspended[/code]

I am not aware of any “wild running” Thread in my App. And i can’t replicate or force this error.

I am still unable to find the cause of this error.
Has anyone already experienced such an issue and found a solution?

What type of project is it?

A Desktop Application on Windows 7. Written with X2014 R1.1 on OS X Mavericks.

Now i saw the same issue on OS X Mavericks. :frowning:

That is a failed assertion inside the Xojo runtime library, not an exception. It is a Xojo bug. There is no way for you to handle it, though you could possibly work around it if you were to able to figure out what is causing it.

I don’t even know how to fill a FR for this. It’s totally random :frowning:

Do you use any threads at all?

This one should be handled with priority since this makes me feeling insecure about stability of released software. Think Xojo R&D and Sascha should collaborate in researching this one, before it gets a big problem outside.

Yes. I have a few Threads running.
But i am VERY carefully monitoring that each Thread is only running as short as possible and ended gracefully.

Well, but please report this to Xojo via Feedback. Than add a sample project soon.

I would like to, but it’s totally random and i see it in a project which won’t run except in our Company Intranet/VPN + i am not allowed to give it away. :frowning:

Did this problem occur before ? in any other project ?


[quote=112712:@Sascha S]Yes. I have a few Threads running.
But i am VERY carefully monitoring that each Thread is only running as short as possible and ended gracefully.[/quote]

Can you say more about how you monitor them, and how you end them? Perhaps it’s something in the way you are doing those options.

curious about the app itself and what all might be going on
Are there database activities ?
Threads using the database ?

Try building it with 2014r2

The App is connected to 7 mySQL and 1 MS SQL Databases and only 2 Threads using Database connections.
I am always using the latest Xojo release.

I have 2 global properties. One is a counter which is increased anytime a Thread starts and decreased when this Thread ends. The second is a boolean property which is set to True when the user is quitting the app.
Each Thread is monitoring the boolean. If the boolean goes to True while such a Thread is running, the Thread exits.
A timer in the Main Window is checking if the Thread counter gone to 0 before the App is closing/quitting.

2 Threads running periodically in the Background. One is monitoring important network resources (Database Servers, Webservers, …) the other is querying a mySQL Database to pull Data. All other Threads are only running by “users request”.

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The error occurs most times, while the app is not actively used by the user. It never brought this error while the app is shutting down.

Finally i catched the same error message while in the debugger: (Xojo: Account Login)>]FR is here