Runs Xojo 2019 R3.2 under MacOS Monterey?

We’re not able to test it right now, since it is currently not easy to downgrade from Monterey back to Big Sur, so, maybe one of you has an answer for that question?


Hi @Lars Lehmann,

I can check that a bit later. Anyway you can always install Monterey on a compatible external device, so no need to downgrade the macOS version later. Just choose the OS version you want to run from the connected volumes during the Mac startup… and done! :wink:

Thanks for have a look at - I am looking forward

And thanks for the tipp.

I’ve test 2019r3,2 on iMac M1 with macOS 12 RC and it seems to work.
Launch with MBS Plugins and run in debug some example with no trouble.

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thanks @Valdemar_De_SOUSA.

@Javier_Menendez could please still test it with the full the full test-cycle (if there’s something like that).

We plan to buy new MacBooks for the whole company, but we need 2019 R3.2 because of Web 1.

I just launched Xojo 2019 Release 3.2 sans plugins on Monterey beta 10 and it runs fine on my iMac.


That’s good news David. The main web app I support is Web 1.0 but my 13-inch Intel MacBook Pro with 2 Thunderbolt ports (and nasty clacky keyboard) is the worst Mac laptop I have ever owned. I want to upgrade to a much better M1 laptop but Xojo 2019 3.2 compatibility is essential.

Since the publication of this post, haven’t you had any issues with Xojo 2019 3.2 on Monterey?
No problem with MBS plugins either?

Don’t get me wrong, but I think you’re seeking troubles trying to run old software on new software / hardware.

Xojo 2019 3.2 compatibility is essential.
If this is so essantial, may I suggest you to use an Intel machine (with Catalina or eventually Big Sur) and make intensive debug ?

I understand this Blogpost of @Geoff_Perlman in that way, that we’ll be still able to use modern gear, and that they care about the users which are bind to this specific old version.

“Having said that, should you discover that your app is failing in some way due to an OS or web browser update, please contact us and we will do what we can do resolve the issue.”