Running Web app on local mac


I am trying to run a web app on a local mac, but can’t seem to get the app to work.

I read the material in the documentation and the page on the Wiki “Web Deployment overview”
Found some off the old article on the forum but all the suggestion don’t work.

I can access a normal html page and also a .php info page ( i found somewhere), so all the regular setting for web services are working.

I tried both the stand alone application (started from the terminal) and the cgi build.
I am using the example project ToDo from Xojo.

When run from the the IDE it works fine, but when I try to run a build it can’t seem to find the application.
error message is : The requested URL /taskmanager:443 was not found on this server. (tried it in 2 different browsers)

Does anybody have any other suggestions I could try?

Getting a cgi to run requires a few other settings. A standalone is much easier - you just have to specify the correct port in your URL, which is the one configured in your app Build Settings under Shared. Above you were trying to use port 443, which is going to be handled by the built-in web server. You need to specify an unused port (the dropdown in Build Settings has some common ones, but usually anything above 8000 will be fine).

Hi Jay,

Thank you for the reply.
I have tried several port numbers with the stand-alone version and with the CGI version.
All give me the same error [see above]

Do you have any other suggestions on what I may try?

For standalone, you don’t include the app name in the URL. It will just be your address/dns and the port number (hint - look at how the debug run works - it’s a standalone app). So, assuming you configured the build for port 9000, you could use localhost:9000 or from the same machine, or :9000 from another machine.

Dear Jay,

Thank you very much. It works now I can move on to the next level.
I haven’t traveled that much to the US lately, but the next time I come over I will swing buy and buy you a beer.
Off course the invitation stands also if you ever pass through Amsterdam, the beer will be cold for you.


[quote=74438:@Paul Ross]Dear Jay,
… next time I come over I will swing buy and buy you a beer.….[/quote]
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