Running web app from ios 7 home screen, crashes

I made my first test web app and it runs ok from safari on ipad and iphone. Address is
The problem is when I add this app from Safari to my ipad’s or iphone’s home screen and I try to run it from there, App crashes and asks me to send error data.

This is what I get:
This application has encountered an error and cannot continue.

new frameworkObject(‘WQfjblu5’,[]);
Xojo.controls[‘WQfjblu5’].shouldBecomeVisible = false;
new button(‘Dt7DJH7B’,[‘Action’]);
new button(‘G7PF695n’,[‘Action’]);
Xojo.controls[‘G7PF695n’].shouldBecomeVisible = false;
new textlabel(‘XhaPwNtM’,[‘TextChanged’]);
new frameworkObject(‘UcqhtE3s’,[]);
document.title = “Radio Brigita”;

Please describe what you were doing right before the error occurred:

Can someone help please?

Are you trying to set up controls in the Open event ?

Or are you doing any setup of other controls in controls’, containers’, or pages’ Shown event? If so, see if it works in 2013r3, but doesn’t work in 2013r3.2. If that is the case, I’m writing up a feedback report about a general issue, and you should add your project to it. More soon…

Sorry guys… I am 2 days old Xojo user. I don’t have 2013r3. I don’t try to setup controls in open event. As I said, this is my simple test project that works with ios 7 Safari, but it crashes if I try to open it from home screen…

Thank you for your feedback, but I guess I need to contact support for 90 days money back guarantee, because I need to be able to run web apps from home screen, app startup time is very slow, I needed almost one day just to find a way how to deploy this cgi app to Hostgator.

Anybody has an email address of Xojo support?

Ok. I found customer support email.

i just try the url and put it in the home screen and try using it on the home screen and it work fine. it is playing the radio now. i am using ios7 on my iPad mini

Thank you Richard. This makes whole confusion even bigger… I am using iPad mini and iphone 4s and iPhone 5. It works on iPhone 4s, It doesn’t work on iPhone 5 (Stream doesn’t play only when app is started from home screen. If I navigate to my app directly from mobile Safari, everything works on iPhone 5.) and finaly, on iPad mini I get this crash report, right at the startup. And again, only if I start app from the home screen. In Safari on iPad mini, everything works.

What I found out today is: if I visit link with my Mavericks’s Macbook Air Safari, I also get this crash and this error:

While I am in Xojo and I test my project localy in this same Safari, everything works.

This simple XOJO project is here if anyone else is willing to help me point out what am I doing wrong. Thanks so far.

And it works on my Macbook’s Firefox and Google Chrome…

Just as another data point, it works here for me in Safari on Mac Book Air with Mavericks - no crash and music plays…


Try to delete your browser cache.

Thank you Alex and Peter. Deleting cache helped on my macbook’s Safari, but it didn’t on my iPad mini. And I would like to add that my Xojo is 2013r3.3 if this helps.

You should also try Brad’s suggestions. You can get earlier versions of Xojo in the download center.

ok… i try on IPhone 4s both on safari and home screen and both works. i am running IOS 7.0.4

I get this too on my app - and it’s a cache issue. If I add a radio group to my project for example that wasn’t there before I get that error. The ios and app on home screen problem you are having… I usually have to clear cache on iphone and remove that app from home screen and re add it. Then it seems to work. As long as no one has gone to your app before you added that new control they won’t see the error since it’s not cached on their machine yet.

You can see my troubles here and what was suggested:

I don’t believe this is cache problem on my iPad mini. I mean, it is true that I updated this app several times, but clearing iPad’s Safari Cache, doesn’t solve my issue.

On my iPad mini I have:

  1. I deleted “Radio Brigita” App Shortcut.
  2. I closed Safari.
  3. I cleared cache and history (Settings > Safari > Clear History and then Clear Cookies and Data)
  4. I Soft reseted iPad with holding Home button and Power button for so long that Apple logo appeared on screen.
  5. I launched Safari and navigated to
  6. Page opened in Safari after 6 seconds “Loading…” time and after that worked correctly.
  7. I clicked share button on Safari and then “Add to Home screen”.
  8. Icon was placed on Home screen.
  9. I clicked on Icon from Home Screen and in 2 seconds I get this crash with error message.

Or I don’t know how to clear iPad’s cache or Safari’s cache, or this is not cache related issue.

I have just had a chance to try iPad 2 and another iPhone 5 and everywhere App worked from Home Screen, so it looks like Rob Vanarsdall is right and this really is cache issue. Not Safari’s cache issue but it looks like iOS 7 's cache issue… or I don’t know.

Anybody knows how to delete cache in iOS 7, or how could I solve this issue on my own iOS 7 devices (Except bulk changing my program and/or reuploading it on another location…)?

I would also like to know what would happen if this would be real live App and users would use it, and after some time I would want to update it… and after that users would get crashes (same as I get now)?

I am not sure if this is Xojo issue or iOS 7 issue, but the way it is, it makes putting web app icon to home screen, useless. Updates will allways exist and I can’t expect users would want to add new icon to home screen for every new version…

Settings->Safari->Advanced->Website Data

From there you can delete the data associated with a particular app or with all apps.

You may also need to do this:

Settings->Safari->Clear Cookies and Data

Although this will clear everything for all web sites.

Thanks Greg, but this is not what I need: I know how to delete Safari Cache. I was asking about how to delete ios7 cache that many web app developers are talking about here:

Huh. I’ve never needed to clear more than those two locations during testing.