Running two instances of xojo

Hi All

I’m just trying to expand my (hobbyist) knowledge and looking at transferring data from a web app to a desktop app. BUT if I run the web app then desktop app compiles and exits or if I run the desktop app first then the web app compiles and exits without running.

If I build either app and run the exe it works fine.
Turning off the firewall makes no difference
the code is just a one liner to display a txt field and haven’t even got to trying to pass data yet (ps any pointers on that will be gratefully received but would like learn without having to do a build each time)

So my question is , How can I run both a webapp and a desktop app the the same time under the xojo IDE?


You need to make sure both projects have different names for the built apps.
Otherwise you would overwrite each other on building, if three re in there same folder.

Otherwise, yes, you can debug two apps simultaneously.

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$£&**% amazingly quick reply and hit the nail on the head .

Many thanks

Also, you don’t need to run two instances of Xojo you can simply load two different projects into one instance.


Sorry I’ve been focusing on other things but now back to this issue. I’m on 2023r1.1 and trying again to run a desktop app and webapp

both have different names
webapp debug port set to 8080

“you don’t need to run two instances of Xojo you can simply load two different projects into one instance”

tried opening both in one instance by using import but second project does not show in IDE

tried exporting the webapp project and importing into the desktop projrct which can then be seen in IDE but when running get the error

Can’t find a type with this name

any thoughts


Why don’t you try using Open?

if i use open I can get two instances but when running the web app first the desktop app shows ‘Launching application’ for about 15 seconds then disappears and while appears to be running in debug mode the interface is not shown.

If I do it the other way round (desktop and webapp) it works but it means I’m having to stop and restart the webbapp every time I run the desktop.

I’m hoping that I can run both and just stop and restart as needed.

Not enough memory to run both ?

Desktop project and Web project are different projects. I don’t think you can export a web project, import it as desktop project and run. The logic should be very similar but there are differences that get in the way.

I have no problems opening Eddie’s electronics sample for Web and Desktop and debug both at the same time. Don’t know what to tell you without running your projects.

Make sure the apps have different names, otherwise the IDE will try to overwrite the debug binary and fail because it’s in use.

Yep both have different names and tried with different debug build destinations as well

You’re not using a mutex to prevent duplicate launches by any chance are you?

nope not as far as I know. just looked it up and i’ve not implemented it

@ Emile Schwarz sorry missed your reply but using 30% of the 32gb installed so should be ample