Running a web app in the IDE?

I have a CGI web app that is mostly happily running on my web site, but I haven’t touched its code in probably 3 years. Today, a user reported a bug in it. I’d like to run it so I can verify the code flow and the values of some properties and then fix the bug.

I thought there was a way to run the app on my Mac to debug it, but the run button isn’t enabled, so clearly I’ve forgotten something important. This is with Xojo 2019r3.1.

Thanks to any brighter mind than mine…:slight_smile:

macOS Catalina won’t run 32bits applications anymore.
You’ll have to try 64 bits or run it under another macOS version or Windows.
I kept a HighSierra VM for this.

Your CGI could be set to 32-bit and you may be running Catalina (can’t run 32-bit).

Ah yes, I’m running Catalina. Thank you for the quick catch!