Running a WE Standalone On Windows

Working in Xojo, Microsoft 7 Home Premium…
In Real Studio I was building a desktop app that called a WE to do come exchange with a database. I was unable to work with both of them in debug mode at the same time, so I would build and run the side I wasn’t looking at, and run the other in debug.

I can still have the desktop app built and call 127/0/0/1:8080 with /special/ added. Works like a charm. But when I try to go the other way around and build and run the WE app, with port 1234 chosen as, also with the /special/ added, the desktop is unsuccessful in calling the WE app.

Worked in RS, but not Xojo. Anyone have any ideas?

Never mind. I answered my own question. For some reason before, the had to be called when the WE app was built. I changed the desktop side to run 127/9/9/1:1234 and it just does its thing without a hitch.