Run XOJO stand-alone

I know my Windows apps run stand-alone as long as the libs folder accompanies the exe but can the whole XOJO app do the same?
I haven’t tried it yet but it would be great if I could run it from a USB so I could tool around with my projects in my spare time at work.
It doesn’t have to include my registration if that requires registry settings etc. the trial version is all I need.
The companys computers don’t allow installs but I was thinking of bringing the necessary installed files from my home computer.
Just a thought and I’mn sure someone has tried it before.
Tell me if it isn’t possible, at least it will save me a lot of experimenting.

It does. Just copy the entire Xojo directory over to the USB stick and you should be good to go. I do it all the time…

That was easy.
A bit of a hassle with the path to my folder of icons and images changing with different computers and drive letters.
Fortunately I only need to resolve one icon file for the rest to automatically find the correct path.
I keep the image folder in the same folder as the project file. I wonder if the path can be made relative rather than absolute?

I’ve found that if I specify the drive letter for the device it will be remembered on that machine, so pick something like X: on each machine you plug the drive into & it will retain that drive letter each time you plug it in.

Or just locate them relative to the app itself instead of m=by referring to a specific drive