Run Xojo In Terminal

How to run the xojo Exe file using Terminal command line.
i can access the directory using terminal… But Unable to run the xojo exe file.

This is not possible. As far as I remember the feature request is in the top 20 of all Feedback issues. I’d really like to have this, too, because it would make my build process much easier.

If you are looking to batch build exes, the functionality is already available in Xojo with the IDECommunicator extra tool. Only works on Windows though.

You can launch the Xojo IDE by calling the binary file directly. Note, this is not the “file” though. You’d call it like this…

/Applications/Xojo\\ 2016\\ Revision\\ 2/

Note: Make sure the directory part is correct. I’m not at my desk and doing this from memory.

How does this help for doing batch builds?

Beatrix: XojoScript cannot do the job ?

As far as remember I got Xojo to build a project on command. But this was async. Since I need to build helper app, main app and installer app this wasn’t very useful.

is your goal to build a project.xojo_binary_project on the command line or in a batch file? if so, this capability is already there. (or .xojo_xml_project if you wish)

I build 30 projects into binaries in a single batch file that way.

I also use IDE Communicator.
I wrote my own app to start the script and it waits for a text file being written on the end of the script.