Run Remotely Menu

Normally, when I do a remote debug, the machine I connected would move to the top of the SubMenu. Thus when I used the shortcut it would default to the last remote machine used. I think this started in R3 but now, that menu doesn’t update unless I go to Setup.

As someone who does remote debugging a LOT this is kind of annoying because it forces me to use the mouse to pick which one I want.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Other than forcing myself to go to the Setup dialog is there another way to force the update of this submenu?

In the Windows IDE, when I remove a Remote connection it never takes. I finally gave up messing with it since it didn’t really affect what I was doing. But something is not right in that dialog box.

Same here. Have to pick the remote on each run.

Submitted bug report <>

Remote debug could use a lot of love, here are my ideas from a few years ago: <> (some have been fixed already)