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What do I exactly need to be able to run a project from 2022r1 on my iPhone instead of the iOS simulator?

My iPhone is prepared as development device in Xcode and I can run on it an example from Xcode when I enable the profile in the iPhone settings…

Do I need to have a paid Apple Developer plan as I don’t see anything regarding certificates and devices in my account on

thanks in advance

I did a blog post about this…


Dana also made a nice short video to follow along step by step. Super easy

I have not been able to get this to work yet. I’m positive I’m following all the steps.

I continue to get this message:

Compilation of XXXXS failed.
An error occurred when attempting to launch the application. Please make sure the device stays awake and unlocked.

And of course the device is awake an unlocked.
It goes through all the motions of building and transferring it to the phone first.

Any suggestions?

Is the app being transferred to the device at all? If so, does launching the app manually work?

And is it possible that the app is crashing on launch?

it shows up on the device and if I try to launch it manually I get an error that it cannot connect to the debugger .

Nope. For sure not.

When you plug the device in, does it appear in System Preferences > Network on the left?

When I get to my desk in a few minutes, I’ll take a quick peek just to make sure it’s working the way I remember.

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Yes it does.

Thanks, Greg. I’m sure it’s something in my configuration, I just can’t figure out what it might be.

Sorry it took so long. So the question I have to ask is: Did the app run and show you a prompt like this:


You must click OK on this dialog, let it fail (with the error you reported above) and then do the run again. Do not delete the app from the device.

As long as you leave the app on the device, you will not have to run through this issue again.

Just in case there’s something I’m doing here that you’re not here’s a video of Xojo 2022r1 and my iPhone 11 Pro:


No, I never got any such message.

Is there an app on the device with the same name already maybe? The debugger may not be allowed to remove an app that can be downloaded from the App Store.

I’m doing the same thing that I see you doing in this video. I don’t get the message.
Hopefully I can figure this out. I have two projects now that I cannot test all functionality in the simulator as I am connecting to hardware that the simulator doesn’t have access to.
I got really excited about the on-device debugging. It will be a game changer for me.

There was the first couple times I tried. I deleted the app but it still occurs.

We got it sorted. It was a provisioning profile issue.

Thanks for the help, Greg.
Second time this week profiles stopped being recognized.

This really is going to be a game changer for me.

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