Run method/Update window/Next

Hoping i get the terminology right. I have created a window, with five different methods querying a SQL-lite db.
I want each method to run and update a text box on the window (5 total), but i want method #1 to run and update the #1 textbox, then run method#2 to run and update the #2 textbox, etc. Sort of a progressive build.
Right now, i’ve linked them a variety of ways, but i get the same behavior – all 5 methods run before the window displays. Since running 5 queries can take a bit, the window just freezes until all 5 methods are complete.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

I guess the question is what direction are you seeking to go?

You could use a Timer to ensure they run after the window is displayed on screen, but your program will still freeze. :frowning: You might want to use a timer again to offset the next query until the interface has had a chance to update.

its possible that change a textfiend cause new events and cause new sqlquerys.
add some system.debuglog to see whats going on.
look if you use indexes for your db fields.
use debuglog with a timestamp to see where the time was waste.