Run iOS App Remotely?

Hey all,

I just started playing around with a new feature I wanted to add to my iOS app. On first try, things appeared to work fine in the simulator. However, when I built and added the app to my iPhone or iPad the new feature didn’t work. Not sure why this is the case and I’d like to be able to run some sort of debug build on the phone so I can step through the debugger. I don’t think that it’s possible, but thought I’d ask…

The alternative I guess is a bunch of messageboxes or log files.

What feature are you having trouble with?

It’s not a Xojo feature but a feature of my app I am implementing.

It would be helpful to know what “it” is and what’s not working @Jon_Ogden.

Well basically I request a device to make a TCP connection to my app and dump a raw bitmap to it. I then process the bitmap data and display it on a canvas.

And yes, the device has to connect to my app and it dumps the data via a netcat command. I can’t “pull” the data off.

It works great in the simulator but not on the actual device. Problem is I don’t know if the image data is getting to the iOS Device or if the failure is one in displaying it.

Does that help?

It does. There are lots of things that don’t work unless you make a specific plist entry with a string that tells the user why you need this. I suspect you need one for that kind of local network access. I also seem to recall that the simulator won’t complain about insecure connections but that running on a device it’ll either crash the app or just reject it.

You may also need a specific entitlement or to set a device capability in the provisioning profile on apple’s control panel.

You can probably find out by connecting your device and then opening Console on your Mac, selecting your device on the left and then launching your app and trying your new feature. An outright failure will probably be logged.

Right and that’s what I was trying to determine. IOS opens the ports on the phone as I can do a port scan and see the open ports. But will it let me connect is another thing.

You may be absolutely correct.