Run in Debug As Administrator (Win)

Is there any way to run the app in the Debugger as Administrator, in Windows? (My app uses some functions in a DLL, and those functions only work in Windows when running as Administrator.

Try running the IDE as Administrator

Depending on what version you’re using there is a setting for Windows where you can say what to run the app as
That should also be used in debug runs

Click the Windows target, then in the inspector click the advanced tab and see what the security settings are set to


Wow, I never noticed this pane…
Do you know since when it exists?

I added it a few years back

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I never saw this documented, referenced nor in the release notes.
Norman, you should have made advertisements for your work :grin:

Thanks for adding it! =) =) And thanks for everything else you’ve done. For RealBASIC, REALStudio, and Xojo, forever grateful.

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Just trying to help make things better

That said, like many others, I am investigating other tools for many of the same reasons that have been stated
I probably wont move rapidly but there are some really promising ones on the horizon

It is documented here: Desktop apps — Xojo documentation

It was added in 2017r3.

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Thank you.
The problem with the user’s guide is that we read it in the beginning but not later; so I haven’t read it since around 20 years, I’d guess.
Perhaps not the best place for an announcement.
Right in the header

  • 64-bit Windows apps can specify supported Windows versions and security level

that may not have been immediately clear what it meant but it was there

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Ok, I assume I didn’t understood what it meant at that time…

Entirely possible as I had to go hunt down the release note myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, not knowing where something you read previously is is different than not knowing what you’re currently reading means :wink:

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