Run Disabled

Cannot run any iOS Xojo apps. Was working last week. Have checked other postings on this matter.

Has something changed somewhere? Have I broken something?

Are there detailed instructions on how to get things working?


Which version of Xcode is installed?
Which version of Xojo?

Are you able to select a simulator in Xojo:
Build Settings > iOS > Inspector panel > iOS Debugging > Simulator > Drop-down list

Xojo 2019 1.1
Xcode 11.3.1 (I think that’s the problem. I was running 10.)
No Simulators in dropdown.

Will 2019 1.1 work with Xcode 11.3?

You will need Xojo 2019r2.1 to run with Xcode 11.x

And if you are publishing to the App Store, you will have to build the app using Xojo 2019r3 starting in April 2020.

Same problem here. Xcode 11.4, Xojo 2019V3.1. Run and Build disabled…

Can’t select the team, nor the simulator…
I have valid team ID, certificates and developer ID in Xcode

On Catalina… Something blocking keychain access???

Did you open Xcode and the simulator at least once?

Yes, runs fine within Xcode.

Partly solved! I could select Xcode 11.x within Xcode preferences and this solves the simulator access, and I can run and build now.
Although not important YET, I can not select a team for signing. Is that normal?

Do you have a Team in Xcode > Preferences > Accounts?

And you might need to quit and re-launch Xojo

Yep I have one , maybe I need to create a provisioning profile with bundle ID? It has been a while I screwed around with this, and that was within Xcode. Not Xojo…

Resolved. I had 2 valid Team certificates in my keychain. I removed the ‘older’ one and now I can selected the Team team in the code signing section.