Run disabled and no way to select simulator

I had to reinstall my machine, now I am at a loss with iOS. Button run disabled, and no way to select any simulator device in iOS Debugging. 2016R3 or 2016R4.1 same difference.

I did install XCode 8.2.1, together with extended tools and command line tool.

I verified that it does run a swift iOS program in the simulator.

What am I missing ?


Provisioning profiles?

It was the path to the Command Line Tool missing in XCode… Doh

This situation just occurred to me.
Upgraded to latest Xcode 9.3. Noticed that when I first ran Xcode it did not say installing components like the older version did.
Then downloaded latest iOS Simulators. When I ran Xojo project. The Build Settings:iOS:iOS Debugging:Simulator Device menu was blank.
The Xcode:Preferences:Locations:Command Line Tools menu was blank. Selected Xcode 9.3 and restarted Xojo. Now can select a simulator.

Thanks for this posting or I would have been fumbling around for ages.