Run button disabled (iOS app)

Hi Everyone,

I downloaded the latest version of Xojo to test out the iOS functionality. I used to code natively for iOS and Android, then switched to Xamarin. I’m not happy where that program is going so I’m exploring Xojo.

I created just a simple test app, and the Run button is grayed out. I do not have a license yet as I am just testing to see if this tool will work for me. I have it set to 32-bit (will we be able to debug using 64-bit any time soon?), and it’s still grayed out.

Do I need a license just to run a test app in the simulator?


For 2017r2.1 you’ll need to have Xcode 8 (not 9) installed. Information here:

Thanks Paul, I only use the latest version of Xcode so it’s a no go for me right now.

Any idea when the next release of Xojo is that will support the latest Apple API’s/Xcode9? And is there a beta channel where I can test out pre-release version of Xojo?

Hi Nick, here is information on how to become a beta tester:
Welcoming more pre-release testers

They do plan to release Xojo 2017r3, so it should be out this year. Dates could change and that’s why they don’t comment on dates.

You can have both Xcode 8 and Xcode 9 installed at the same time. As long as Xcode 8 is installed, you’ll be able to test out iOS with Xojo 2017r2.1

Xcode 9 support will be available in the next release (2017r3) which is currently in beta testing.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I usually do keep the prior version of Xcode around for a little while until Xamarin updates to match the latest SDK’s, then remove it. I like to build against the latest versions, and keep a clean dev environment.

At any rate, I will test out some of the other aspects of Xojo until the update. I’m amazed as to how easy it was to create a basic web app with a simple SQLite database as a backend. Something like would have taken twice as long (or more) in asp dot net. After 20+ years in this field, this is my first time trying Xojo (not counting when I glanced at REALBasic years ago).