Run & Build Disabled in 2016_r1.1 in IOS project

I was needing to check something in IOSKit in IOS10 but I cannot compile the IOSKit demo in 2016_r1.1 because my Run and Build buttons are disabled even though I show a valid license. I assume this is because I have upgraded to the latest Xcode?

Yes. You must now launch XCode, agree to the license and stuff, as well as install additional tools.

Did that long ago. It works fine in 2016_r2 & r3. But I need to compile IOSKit in 2016_r1 because Jason has not fixed the issues caused by changes in r2 and above for IOS.

I am afraid you will have to use the XCode that was compatible with R1, then. I remember that a new version of XCode did break it.

And I also remember I was forced to upgrade because the new version of the system (was it EC) did not like the version I had.

You may end up having to use an older version of OS X as well.

Sorry for the issues Stephen - I will PM you the current non-released version tonight which should run/build fine in r3

For anyone else - iOSKit has now been updated. You may download it here: