Run Away IDE

Today, for the second time, the IDE started doing this flicker run-away thing right in the middle of working on a project. It is unresponsive to clicks and basically acts like it is in a loop trying to refresh the screen or something. My processor is running at a heavy load.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am using Windows 7. Maybe it is a Windows thing.

It’s even worse. So, I killed the ide and restarted it. When it asked about recovering the project, I selected yes. Then it went back into the never ending flickering, loading, whatever it is doing loop. So I killed it again and restarted. This time it does not ask about recovering the project. I can create a new project and all is well. Then I attempt to re-load the last version of my project that was saved 3 hours ago, and here it goes again. flickering, loading, blah blah.

So, I guess the project is corrupted itself somehow. I will try to reboot just for the heck of it. If that doesn’t work, then I guess I lost about 16 hours of work since I will have to go back to a prior saved version. Nice.

Since you have priority support, I would recommend sending the corrupt project to Xojo Inc. so they can see if they can’t fix it for you. I’ve had them recover corrupt projects for me in the past.

I rebooted and was able to load the project. At least I only lost 3-4 hours of work now. Yay! ; )