Run another app inside new XOJO app

I have looked around and not found anything, perhaps the search terms I am using.

Is there a way to run another application inside a XOJO app? Basically the app displays video from other cameras and I need to add other functionality. This application will run native to MAC OS X or potentially in a Web browser (still need to verify this one)


On OSX, you may be stuck.
This sounds like the functionality provided by embedding OLE objects in Windows.

What other functionality are you looking to add?

some simple buttons that performed defined control aspects per API definitions

You can’t do this on Mac OS X.

It sounds like the target application offers its own API. I presume it doesn’t allow you to write plugins for it.
Create a helper application that either installs a Statusitem menu (a menu that appears in the Mac menu bar near the clock and persists across multiple applications) MBS has a plugin for this, or use a global floating window that appears and disappears whenever the target application comes in to the foreground or background.

Hi Carl,

I’ve created a “Mac Desktop App” with a “Mac Web App” inside the Desktop’s Resources folder. The idea was to create a GUI interface to the Web App which has an HTMLWebViewer to access the Web App.

To launch the Web App, I used this code in the Desktop App:

[code] Using Xojo.IO

dim theWebServerResourcesPath, theWebServerDocsPath As FolderItem
dim thePath as text

theWebServerResourcesPath = SpecialFolder.GetResource( “MyWebAppFolderName” )

thePath = theWebServerResourcesPath.Child( “MyWebAppName” ).path
thePath = “’” + thePath.ReplaceAll( “/”, “’/’” ) + “’” // wrap all parts of the path in quotes

MsgBox thePath

app.theShell = new Shell
app.theShell.Mode = 1
app.theShell.Execute( thePath )[/code]