Rumor about an OS XI ARM

I just read a rumor on a French web site that talks about Mac with ARM processors.

Use google to translate the article.

If this comes true, I know some engineers that will have more work on their plate …

This is nothing new and Apple has talked about this years ago.

Don’t think this is going to happen any time soon. ATM there is no ARM cpu that even comes close to the slowest Intel breed let alone the fastest.

“Apple II is dead” was a rumor that lasted many many years.

One day, it was true in France * (years after the other European countries) and some years later, the whole three computers (Apple IIe, Apple //c+ and Apple Igs) were removed from the buying list.

I was working at Apple France at the time (on the Apple II line) and heard the last Apple II (gs) was removed days after a new price list (without it) was released…

Yes, Apple can do some silly moves. :slight_smile: But downgrading regarding CPU power would be stupid.

But I do think it Apple eventually moves to ARM when it is powerful enough. It would make sense because all iPad, iPhone, … are using it already.

By that time Xojo has LLVM and you just need to re-compile your projects and off you go.

Apple can’t move it’s architecture twice in a decade.

They have in the past, unfortunately, changed architecture several times. Apple II/6502, Lisa/68000, Macintosh/68000, Macintosh/Intel. Not to mention drastic changes in OS architecture as well…

Yes, that could be stupid, but they are not:

des iMac qui auraient 4 ou 8 processeurs ARM 64 à quatre cœurs,
iMacs with 4 or 8 ARM Processors and 4 cores

des Mac mini qui auraient 4 processeurs ARM 64 à quatre cœurs,
Mac Mini with 4 or 8 ARM Processors and 4 cores

un portable 13" avec également 4 ou 8 processeurs ARM 64 à quatre cœurs.
Laptop with 4 or 8 ARM Processors and 4 cores

To me, this does not seems to be downgrading.

You are right, Michel:
Apple II: 6502, 65c02, 65816 (and I forgot what processor had Apple //c+)
Lisa: 68000 + I do not know
Macintosh: 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040
Macintosh: PowerPC
Macintosh: Intel Core, Core Duo, etc. 'till today.

Involving Xojo LLVM compile is a bit early. First of all, the rumor have to be true (if / when), then we will start to talk (again) about LLVM.

Apple //c was 65c02. Jean Louis Gassée offered me one for the opening of the Irish factory. That does not make me any younger :wink:

[quote=91082:@Emile Schwarz]Involving Xojo LLVM compile is a bit early. First of all, the rumor have to be true (if / when), then we will start to talk (again) about LLVM.

That is no rumour. Xojo for iOS already uses LLVM. I am pretty sure we get LLVM and 64bit next year with the new Framework.

ARM would perfectly make sense for an even better and thiner Macbook Air :slight_smile:

Xojo for iOS is rumored to use LLVM, but so far, Xojo iOS remains 100% legend. So when a myth is supposed to use LLVM, that makes LLVM vaporware as well. Maybe the presentation of iOS was a tad premature…

FWIW, what Geoff showed at XDC this year was actual xojo compiled code running on the iOS simulator and on Geoff’s iPad and iPhone. We’re a lot closer than vaporware.

Good to know. But until a release date is announced, Xojo iOS will be no more than cute screens, smoke and mirrors. Hearsay. So are its supposed features, compiler and all. You cannot pretend something is this or that and keep it under wraps. Sorry, Sir. If you are all words, no cattle, nobody has to believe anything.

Frankly Xojo iOS rumor is getting as tired as an old Hollywood actress :confused:

Actually an OSX that would run on ARM (as well as Intel of course) would be a great boon to Apple (my opinion)
It would allow them to support ONE OS (get rid of iOS), and allow the iPhone/iPad to run OSX programs (recompiled of course)

Their biggest failing with iOS (again my opinion) is the uniqueness of it.
and it is becoming a one-trick pony (although iOS8 is supposed to be 2trick pony)

At least Microsoft is attempting a one OS approach (failing, but attempting)

iOS and OSX has same base, just different GUIs on top.

Yes I agree.

Apple (luckily) has said the Desktop and Mobile OS will never be one. Although there will be many controls that will look similar that will be the only thing it has in common.

I would saying : failing major times. MS seems to acknowledge this with Win 8.1: it’s already a step back to the ‘old’ Win 7 way of doing things (read: the Start Menu is back).

Well, I’m still waiting for a Xojo version which enables something with LLVM.
A Mac console app built with LLVM would allow us to try it and test.

Also LLVM could allow to support linux with ARM or PowerPC.

Intel will get over the hump in the next 18 months and have x86 chips in tablets with reasonable (small) batteries that run 8 to 10 hours. It will have been a nice run for ARM in anything bigger than a phone.

Well… The world is flooded by ARM processors, so Just get ready for the next wave: ARM everywhere.
ARM 64bit Isn’t a toy processor. :wink:

Last year some very specific job positions were open on Hillsboro, OR. Like this:|Hillsboro-OR|5146282?x=q

“Intel will fabricate its ARM 64-bit multi-core chips starting next year”. - Altera, Intel Partner at ARM Devs conference 10/29/2013