Ruby on Rail dev autocomplete app.. made in Xojo

I’ve been doing some work in Ruby on Rails lately and haven’t been happy with the autocomplete for class properties, methods, etc while working in related files. Seems there’s no great way and I’m used to the 100% correlation/accuracy that comes with working in Xojo.

So, I made a very basic app that will help autocomplete from Rails model files. It pulls properties, methods, and associations and is actually accurate.

Not sure if anyone here uses both Xojo and Rails, but I made it open source and it’s available here:


While Rails is too much for me (another language to learn!), I am VERY impressed with what you have created!

*I shared on the Twitter and the Ruby bot has shared my tweet :laughing:
I hope boosting this helps - if I know your Twitter handle, I will gladly credit you as an awesome and worthy developer.

Thanks! Twitter handle is @orangedsoftware

The project is very bare bones and meant to help save time, so not much time was spent developing the app into a more customizable/full-fledged product. But I hoped someone else might find it useful!

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