RubberViewsWE 2.00

RubberViewsWE 2.00 is a unique Web 2.00 API 2.00 class that you place on a WebPage, and it automatically manages the layout for all available devices, sizes and resolutions.

Design your WebPage at the size you like best, RubberViewsWE 2.00 does the rest. Very easy to use, this class is the result of intense development, with exclusive features that are the result of the most recent research.

RubberViewsWE 2.00 not only adapts the layout to any size, but it changes the content of controls to match. Like the popular Desktop RubberViews class, it fits the size of pictures in WebImageViews, and can adapt the size of fonts to the size of the browser window.

Live Resize is another exclusive new feature from RubberViewsWE 2.00. Now resizing takes place dynamically, just as smooth as in Desktop.

Individual controls can be set as ignored to manage yourself. Controls that must keep their aspect ratio, such as circles and squares, can be set individually so they do not stretch.

Complete personal assistance on all three platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) by email, or on the Xojo forum, including code review and idea box, for a smooth and enjoyable programming experience.

See RubberViewWE 2.00 : One size fits all !

Supported platforms and versions

RubberViewsWE 2.00 supports all versions of Xojo,2020 R2.1 and up, and all three platforms : Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Pricing and availability

RubberViewsWE is available immediately from

Lifetime license for the current version, price :

$149.95 Unencrypted, full source code

Upgrades are available for owners of RubberViews 1.00, at $49.95.


Michel Bujardet

Mail form at

Present on the Xojo forum daily

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