RubberViewsWE 2.00 available for Web 2.00

RubberViewsWE 2.00
With Live Resize

One size fits all !Today, more than 50% of web viewing is done by portable devices, which rotate, and content must adapt.

Browser windows can take any shape and size.

Design your WebPages at the size you like best, let RubberViewsWE 2.00 do the rest.

RubberViewsWE maintains the place and relative size of every control when the device is rotated, or when the browser Window is resized. It also makes sure the content is resized to fit : font size, and Pictures in WebImageViews.

All that is available with almost no coding : drop the class into your project, place an instance onto the WebPage, some code in Shown, one line in Resized, and it flows right away.

RubberViewsWE 2.00 brings an exclusive feature :

Live Resize changes the content of the browser window as the user changes its shape, just like it happens in RubberViews desktop.

It is possible to set individual controls or group of controls to keep their aspect ratio, such as circle and square. Likewise, you can set individual controls not to have their content resized. Also, individual or group of controls can be ignored if you want to manage them yourself.

Get more information here :

RubberViewsWE 2.00 full source code for Xojo 2020 R2 and up is
$149.95 only.

Already got RubberViewsWE 1.00 ? Get RubberViewsWE 2.00 upgrade for $49.95 only.


Excellent work Michel
Have been testing and RubberViewsWE 2.0 has performed wonderfully :+1:

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Thank you for your support, Brian :slight_smile:

Hi Michel, I struggling with the demo version, I can not get containers to move and resize…

rectagles etc. works nice but containers not…

also: live resize work on labels, as long as you don’t change the text. Once the text is changed it will only resize after a slight pause, but not a live-resize as it does before the text has changed.

Link to test project:

Hi Helge,

Let me have a look.

About Live Resize on WebLabels, it does not change text size during resizing. Only when the Resized event happens.

Thank you for your report.

Thanks, I’m ready to give it a new try. :slight_smile:

I found what the issue is. I will try to release a fixed version next week.


great!!! looking forward to it:)

you do mean the issue with the container?

Yes, indeed, the issue with WebContainers.

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Hi Michel, any news on when to expect and update ? Eager :slight_smile:

I just uploaded a new version which manages WebContainers, both on the web page, and if you drag an instance of RubberViewsWE200 on it, for its content.

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Hm, I’m having problems here… there are a lot of errors about grafitti stuff inn here.:

webToolbar, webMenu, SingleDatePicker and Grid…

But since I have those I fixed that, but still. Adding a webcontainer to the demo project and that container only has a rectangle… it will not move at all when run in browser.

RubberViewsWE200 is meant for native Xojo controls. However, I dropped in support for GraffitiGrid and GraffitiDatePickerSingle.

For the other custom controls, you will have to manage that yourself in the Resized event.

Here is the project you posted, which I modified to support the WebContainer, and its content.

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Thank you. That project worked as expected… just have to figure out what I did wrong then since now in this test the container is moving… Super nice!

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Notice how I call Sizall immediately after init.