RubberViews License

HI, I am looking to buy a License for RubberViews. Is there anyone who can help me do this?
or direct me to a site where Purchasing a License is possible?
thank you Geoff

RubberViews is now defunct since the passing of its developer.

You can see this recent thread for more information.

I offer an alternative for Web and Desktop called GraffitiLayout that you may be interested in.

Yes, GraffitiLayout in GraffitiSuite is the best alternative for RubberViews. Plus, so much more plugins included in the suite, as well as fast support by Anthony. Explore all demos here: is offline.


Thank you kindly. Will take a look.

Looks great, but I dont have $400USD to spare. Is there anyone there who could provide me
with a RubberViews License. Perhaps someone who has already purchased the GraffitiSuite.

Anyone providing you with a copy of GraffitiLayout (or any other GraffitiSuite product/class/module) would be violating the licensing agreement.

he asks for a licence transfert of rubberview, not a copy of graffiti suite ! anyway it would still certainly be a licence agreement violation …

Archive version of the RubberViews website says:

if you acquire the source code, please do not use it to create a derivative competitive product, do not reverse engineer it to compete with us, and please do not resell it or pass the software to any unlicensed party.


Really depends on where he is…

In EU the following applies:

"EU court: Sale of used software licenses is just fine. "What this means is that, under EU law, software companies have no right to prevent users from selling their digital downloads to others; effectively, the software distributor’s rights to control distribution are exhausted after the first sale.


Interestingly, without resale, that could mean the the previous user should not make use of the work anymore granting it to other person, and the software supplier should be informed about the change of the ownership, what the OP asked could be accomplished under one condition: that the author has passed away 70 years before such request. After 70 years of the death of the author of some discontinued copyrighted and licensable software, it will become public, so free activations could legally occur. Sadly, no one continued Michel’s work, so it’s blocked unusable for 70 years. And in 20, a software work without updates is probably obsolete anyway. Not sure how an ownership change happens when the author can’t be informed of an ownership change, auto-allowed or auto-blocked?

“Resell” has several meanings. It could be interpreted as “don’t redistribute multiple copies for profit” or it could mean “don’t sell your single license”.

Also - “please” in a contract is very likely not the same as “you may not”, at least in the United States where lawyers are paid small fortunes to parse language in a way that suits their clients.

All I did was quote the page from the original author.

I leave the rest up to you all.

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I thought the world of Michel … he went out of his way to help me several times and got me out of a serious jam. That said, I always thought his main business focus was selling fonts. From what I understood, he was quite successful at doing that. I’m guessing that all he worked for there shared the same demise as Rubber Views.

He was a great person and very business oriented.
Unfortunately as his passing was to hear about it does show that relying on a single developer for anything you rely on to produce to customers is very brittle thing.
Of course there are many in this community that have plans to prevent customers from being abandoned but I cannot speak for their plans.


I do find the controls to look out-dated. I like the effort, and the suite as an option… but the look and feel of these controls look out-dated, especially for Desktop. Would be good to see an update.

A bit off-topic, But if you’re a customer and have something specific in mind, I’m always open to requests and suggestions. Aside from that, most controls have a plethora of properties or events that allow for customization.


Hi, Thanks for your input. However, the word “please” is not relevant to the Law.
Since the writer of the code is deceased, I doubt he will be offended.

The ownership of the code now belongs to the author’s estate/heirs and they have every right to exercise the same legal rights to protect it as the author. I don’t know that you will find anyone here willing to put themselves at legal risk. But I can’t speak for every forum member or to EU law.

From a practical perspective my advice would be to consider the product unavailable and seek an alternative.


It looks like Einhugur just today released a similar product, check it out and see if it meets your needs.

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