RubberViews, best autoscale Window Class since Elastic Window


Between tablets at 1024x768 and high dpi screens at 2550x1600, designing windows in Xojo is a big challenge.
Too big, too small, a fixed width won’t do. Why not let the user decide ?
Design your window at the size you like best, let RubberViews do the rest.

RubberViews maintains the place and relative size of every control when a Window or Container Control is resized. It also makes sure the content is resized to fit : font size, including styled text in TextAreas, as well as ListBoxes RowHeight, Pictures in ImageWells and Canvases. HTMLViewer as well. That extends to the Window or Containercontrol backdrop image, with the option to stretch it to fill the entire surface. All that is available with almost no coding : drop the class into your project, place an instance onto the window or container control, one line in Open, one line in Resizing or Resized, a couple properties in App, and it flows right away.

RubberViews works with all three platforms, but has been optimized for each. For instance, it manages the whole 10 styles of Mac OS X buttons (set as default or not), and limits the growth of TextSize in controls that do not resize vertically, so they always remain legible. RubberViews has been created in part for some of the 15 apps published by the author in the MAS. See .
On Windows, of course, OLE Container (for Active X, OLE/OCX/COM/API GUI objects) is managed by RubberViews. Currently, that class is used to develop apps for Windows tablets with the touch Metro UI.

Custom controls, such as Jeremie Leroy Desktop Custom UI, or Jean-Paul Devulder dtPlugins, are positioned and resized automatically without extra code. All controls based on RectControl (the base class for all controls under Xojo) are managed.

It is possible to set individual controls or group of controls to keep their aspect ratio, such as circle and square. Likewise, you can set individual controls not to have their content resized. Also, individual or group of controls can be ignored if you want to manage them yourself. Dynamic controls and custom controls (plugins, declare classes) are supported.

RubberCanvas is a custom version of the Canvas control included in the package that lets you draw in the Paint event at design resolution, and have it resized automatically without extra coding.

Additionally, a Curtain window animation has been added (see video), and a CenterWindow function.

Want to see how it perfoms on your own machine ? Just download the demo : click here for a zip archive that contains a Xojo project demonstrating how powerful and simple to use it is.
The class in the trial version is fully functional and identical to the registered version, it simply displays a MsgBox the first time it is called. You will be able to put it into your own program and see immediately how you can have autoresize over a whole window in minutes.

To remove the Demo MsgBox, simply get the encrypted version license in minutes.

[b]For a limited time only,

  • Encrypted version (just unlock the demo with your license) : $9.95
  • Unencrypted version (full source code) : $19.95

See for more.

limited time until when???

On the site, I say “Special Summer Prices”. That gives you plenty of time.

My Canvas Controls which have a Background with transparency (PNG Files), loosing it’s transparency with RubberViews.

Let me check that ; I’ll post a fix today.

I have another issue. A NOE in a Container. Can i send you a copy of my container via Email tonight?

Version 1.81 is online which fixes the transparent pictures issue. It appears Xojo was reporting incorrectly HasAlphaChannel.

You can download again using the download instructions. I have also updated the demo.

Sure, please do. I just sent you an email confirming the fix and the new version ; just reply to it.

I suppose you have installed RubberViews inside the container, right ?

Yes :slight_smile:

I look forward to have a look.

$9.95?? Sold! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


It does not feel good at all to find out about this offer today, especially since I paid full price for it yesterday…

[quote=181488:@Dennis Wallentin]Yikes…

It does not feel good at all to find out about this offer today, especially since I paid full price for it yesterday…[/quote]

Sorry for the unannounced price change. I am merely trying to keep up with the competition sudden week-end move. I just sent you a refund for the difference.


Thank You! You’re a honorable man. Highly appreciated and at the same time I regret the recent development with the cut-throat competition.

Ouch! :wink:

I got this sorted out. The new version 1.82 now online fixes the issue. Just use the download link you received upon registration to update.

The Trial version link has been updated as well.

You support is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Dave, I must tell you the sale no longer extends until the end of May. Given the welcoming start RubberViews received, I have to shorten the 70% sale operation, which will now end at the end of this week, Saturday the 25 at midnight.

So, hurry up ! Time flies !

Well, I might have had a run-in with you, but I must give credit where credit is due. I tried your demo today, and that is one most impressive piece of software. Bravo!