RubberViews 2.00 is available

I just completed RubberViews 2.00 with support of API 2.00 controls.

Full source code available for $149.95.

If you already purchased RubberViews 1.00, the upgrade to Version 2.00 full source code is $49.95 only.

See for more details.


Rubber Views 1.00 saved me lots of time. Just purchased Version 2.00.

Thanks for your hard work Michel!

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You are welcome, Eugene. I am now going to get to Web :slight_smile:


Thank You Web would be a great feature

Web is a bit more complex than Desktop. But at first glance, it should be ready in a week or two.

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Let us know and I will order the minute you announce :grin:

I will, of course :slight_smile:

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I just updated RubberViews API 2.00.

• Better resizing under Windows.
• RubberWindow is now a DesktopWindow
• RubberContainerControl is now a DesktopContainer.

If you have already purchased RubberViews 2.00, use the download instructions you were sent upon purchase to get the latest version.

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Yet a new update…

It appears Windows in dark mode does not allow changing the height of DesktopPopupMenu or DesktopComboBox. As a result, when font size grew, it looked very awkward, and lines got mashed up in the dropdown.

Now when in dark mode, font size does not change in these controls, so it looks more acceptable to the user.