RTF differences between 2013r3.3 and 2013r4.1 ?

I have two versions of a multimedia project (a Reder and the full featured version). The full featured version have been created using Xojo 2013r3 while the reader was generated later (March 4, 2014, so I suppose that I used Xojo 2013r4.1).

I have a rtf file (with styles) that is correctly displayed using the reader (probably built with Xojo 2013r4.1), but nothing appears in the older created application (the full featured one).

Nota: these are two different projects; the reader have been created from “ex nihilo” while the full featured application project have some years.

On the other hand, using pure Xojo, I do not know how I could have used different code to load rtf data.

The question is:

what have been changed from Xojo 2013r3 to now that makes my rtf files unreadable ?

I checked in the Release Notes, but I do not found anything RTF related…

Xojo 2014r1:
28050 All: Fixed handling of Chinese and other Unicode characters in StyledText’s RTF code. ?
Xojo 2013r1:
26258 DocLangRef: Updated Picture.IsImportFormatSupported and Picture.Save to indicate formats not supported on console/web apps.

I do not give you entries for 2008r5, 2008r4.1, 2008r2, 2007, 2006… because these are older than the working application (application created with Xojo 2013r3).

(I have a custom application that returns entries who holds the passed string / that application do not have - yet - Release Notes before 2006 / I will add these later).

Well. To rule out the Xojo version, I would simply execute the full version in the 4.1 IDE and see what happens. I suppose that the 2013R1 code should run without much effort in the 2014 R1 IDE. If there is a difference between the to apps in the 2014 R1 IDE, then I would assume that the difference is somewhere in the code. Otherwise, the difference is in the product version.