RS or Xojo

What IDE is more stable. RS or Xojo

Real Studio. It’s had 7 years of development behind it. Xojo has 1 and Release 2 was mainly bug fixes and it didn’t catch nearly all the bugs that are in Xojo.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but if you’re looking for stability in the IDE then Real Studio is better. If you need Cocoa compiling then Xojo.

I have had 0 issues with stability using Xojo. As Bob said, if you want to build for Cocoa then Xojo is the only choice.

I am Working Windows and Linux and some Web

I am finding that the Windows version is very stable. Some strange things happen with typing code quickly (keystrokes seem to get transposed and you think that you cannot spell until you realise what is happening) after the app has been running for many hours so I restart it maybe once per day but other that that I have not had a bad experience on Windows 8. My limited experience of Linux is that it is very slow at the moment. I am not using Xojo for web apps.


I thought it was just me and I was losing my ability to type. The characters do get transposed intermittently, if you type to fast (at least on Windows). I bet there is a feedback case for that.

Sure is feedback://showreport?report_id=27881