RS file extensions

I’ve brought this up a coupe of times in the beta but it didn’t seem to be get any traction. When you install Xojo on a Windows machine with Real Studio already on it, the installer hijacks the .rbvcp extnsion and associates it with Xojo. This is not a Xojo extension. I’ve run into some problems with my application that prevents me from moving to Xojo exclusively at this time, so the advice has been, “Well, you can still run the old IDE.” That’s fine, but I would like the extensions to be left alone, so that I can start it up by double-clicking on the Project file.

I’ve tried changing the Default program from Xojo back Real Studio, but it will not let me. I can browse to real Studio.Exe, but when I sleect it nothing happens because the “Aways use elected programto open this kind of file” is grayed out. I know I can open RS first, then browse to the .rbvcp project file each time, but that grows very tiresome in a hurry. And I am sure I could get into the registry and monkey around with it to get it to work like it should.

But why can’t the Real Studio project extensions be left alone and open with Real Studio as they should?

Try opening RS and re-associating the file extensions in the Option window.

I see the option to do this, but clicking on the button does nothing, doesn’t pop up anything the file association box like I would expect. Is that what you are seeing?

After 4 years on Real / Xojo, I’ve come to the realization that everything is half-baked on Windows. It just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Everything is an epic struggle on Windows. The whole experience is wearing me out, but unfortunately I don’t have many choices when it comes using the Basic language in a cross-platform environment. So onward I march…

No windows open for me, and (just tested) it doesn’t seem to do anything for me, either.

You may need to run RS “As Administrator” in order to get the associations back.

I’ll try that tomorrow on that computer, but I have full admin rights with that account. And I know what it is like when you don’t, you have to Run as Administrator to do certain things. On my home computer the same thing happened and the only way I got the association back was to uninstall Xojo and RS and reinstall RS.

Xojo could make this a lot easier by not hijacking the RS file extensions.

On Windows you can also go to the control panel->Default Programs->Set associations and manually override the rbp & rbvcp defaults setting them back to whichever version you like.

No, that’s the problem it is not letting me, already tried that. “Aways use elected program to open this kind of file” is grayed out. So when I select RS it doesn’t take.

Well it’s hanging for me on Win 7 x64 with UAC. Which release of windows are you using?

“Hanging” as in locks up? I am on Win 7 x64 (Professional Edition), UAC is turned off. Some extensions I can change, but some like Xojo it is grayed out.

The real issue is Xojo should not be taking over the RS extensions. Xojo has its own extensions it can save to. Someone from Xojo can chirp in here anytime you like…I know you are not shy! :wink:

Hi MLC - try installing “god mode” which should (does for me anyway) override anything…as per title…just a thought

What is “God mode”? And I really think this needs to be fixed by Xojo. If you try Xojo and don’t like it and uninstall, you’ve lost your file associations to RS. I had to reinstall to get them back.

God mode is an enhanced control panel giving you access to everything with all the permissions so on and so forth…

Make new folder
rename folder to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
open folder

I agree with you regarding xojo and the extension but was easy enough to re-associate it back to RS2012

Just Great. . . .it now takes blasphemy to work around the Xojo installers. :wink: I raised this issue during the beta, apparently fell on deaf ears. Thanks for the tip.

You’re welcome

NG P, while the godmode is intersting and puts most of the adjustable settigns in one place so that they are easy to find, it doesn’t give you an additional poswer to control file extensions. I still get the grayed out option “Aways use elected program to open this kind of file”. So I can select RS as the app I won’t it to open with, it doesn’t make the change with the system.

Is there some reason why I can’t get a Xojo developer to respond here and explain why the RS extensions were taken over by Xojo? I asked this question during the beta and got the same no response.

That’s interesting. God mode gives me access to everything. It sounds like there’s something set in your window setup which blocks this. Like NG P said re-associating was trivial for me. Once you’d pointed it out. I think the setup procedure for xojo should be improved with options for associations and moving office plugins instead of scratching around like this.

Yes, I have changed many extensions over the years, I know how it should work. And I can change other extensions on my system very easily. But for some reason the Xojo association was stuck and will not let me change it back to Real Studio. Very odd.

edit — I just tried it again, some thing, I select Real Studio.exe, but then it does not allow me to use that as the selected default program. But I can change other extensions like .txt to any other program I want, no problem.

No problems here reassociating extensions. Like god mode though!

it’s been so long since I installed God mode I’d forgotten I’d done it.