If i have RealStudio Running and i trait to run XOJO no works

I’ve experienced this as well. If an older version of RS is already running when Xojo (r1, haven’t tested r2 yet) is run, then Xojo will max out one core of the CPU and hang until the RS version is closed.

Platform? I run both all the time. I’m running both right now, in fact, and it never matters which I start first. This is on MacOS X 10.8.4.

I have the same problem on Windows 7 64 bit with R1 and R2 if I already have Realbasic running.

This is a Windows issue: <>

I can run RS if any version of Xojo or RS is already running, however I cannot run any version of Xojo if another version of Xojo or RS is already running.

Windows 7 x64.

If it’s any help in diagnosing this issue, the second instance of Xojo seems to be halting when attempting to access a directory under the user’s temporary directory called “REALStudioIDE”, access fails with “Name not found”.