rpt.run(rs,ps) error

Hi All.

I am trying to build a report, based on Bob Keeney’s excellent tutorial.

I am running (no laughing please… haven’t been able to dig up the cash for a pro version of Xojo…) Realstudio 2010 release 1 … (blush)
However when I get to do the lines:

if rpt.Run(rs,ps) then rpt.Document.Print(g) end if

I get the error message “Parameters are not compatible with this option”. When I look at the tooltip I see that it wants a set of records, and a printer setup… and the language reference tells me the same thing.

Any ideas.


It is possible that such an old version of Real Studio did not support sending a RecordSet to the Run command like that.

I’d recommend grabbing the free version of Xojo and working with that.

There is also an example included with the 2010 version that ought to demonstrate reporting from a DB.

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply. I kind need the RealStudio I have because I have to create apps. (And like I said, i am … currently financially challenged!) (grin).

I looked at the examples previously, but after Bob’s tutorial, maybe they will make a little more sense.


Let me see if I can fire up Real Studio 2010 and find out the cause.

Okay. I fired up Realstudio 2010 release 1 and ran the tutorial off the website. With the exception of squawking at opening a newer project file it ran with no issues.

Unsurprisingly, it hard crashed in 2010 Release 4.1 thus explaining why I gave up on the reporting tool years ago.

So…I don’t know what to tell you. Try downloading it again?

That code is downloadable under view the free videos Mr. Keeney? I don’t seem to see a link…

(Mind, my eye sight is not what it used to be!)


No. Main website, Code & Tutorials. Direct URL https://www.bkeeney.com/realbasic-printing-tutorial-real-reports/