RPI Web App

If I create a Web App and deploy it “standalone” to a Raspberry PI, will it work as an interface that I can access from a browser?


Read all that and watched the videos. Nothing I could find about Web apps on the RPI

It’s really just linux so it should work. You might need to adjust the firewall depending on what port you run it on. I think 80 will be in use or protected but 8080 should be ok. I’ve used Ubuntu for years now with standalone and cgi /apache and it’s very stable.

Thanks, Russ.
So, just to clarify, a “standalone” Web app is just an executable that runs on the Pi and serves the interface you’ve created as a web page? i.e. you can point your browser to the Pi and see the interface on your remote browser? No web server software required on the Pi?
Oh, desktop and console apps are free to create for the Pi, are Web standalone apps as well?

Yes. Thats Correct.