Rowset.columntype with mysql data source totally different from the table in the documentation

by checking the columntype value of the fields of a select on mysql data source, the columuntype is totally different from the types reported in the documentation … RowSet — Xojo documentation

example, the type string or varchar in the table is 18, but if I look at the colomuntype of the rowset the type returned with mysql varchar is = 5

The data of type decimal on the xojo documentation table are equal to float=6 , on columntype returned by mysql they result =-1

(rel. mysql 5.7.39)

does anyone have any info on this?

The old docs have Text/Varchar as 5, perhaps this table is correct?

A column type of -1 isn’t documented in either set, and I haven’t ever seen the behavior. I would suspect there’s an error somewhere, -1 was frequently used to mean an error of some kind before API 2. Though, 255 is Unknown, and I have seen that. Float is supposed to be 6 according to the old docs.

This link report the same problem from 2014

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