Router Choice

Is there a way, programmatically, to dictate which router a device is connected to?

I’m in the process of testing TCP communication between 2+ computers. I’m doing the testing in my home and I have two routers. The protocol of the computers seems to be that they pick the router they like best, or used last, etc. I’m testing on a Mac, PC, & Linux machine and their choice is not consistent.

Anyone know of a way in Xojo to force connection to a given router?

Thats the whole idea behind a network… is that you don’t have to (ie. can’t) decide the route your packets take.
That is the job of the routers, hubs, switches and other local and remote hardware that make up the network.
The idea is if one path of communications fails, the network is “smart enough” to re-route traffic to insure if at all possible
it gets to the proper destination. This applies regardless of the size of the network involved.

The only way to insure that traffic does not go thru a particular device… is to disconnect that device (or program it to reject certain types of traffic)

Thanks, Dave. I understand that. But for AutoDiscovery to work, all devices have to be on the same network. So, no way around it?

Why not just use the shell class and add/remove static routes as needed ie:

route add mask “router1 IP address”
route add mask “router2 IP address”