RoundRectangle and SegmentedControl

Hi, I’m trying to use RoundRectangle as some type of help tag. In my code, it is working fine with other controls, but if I have to set RoundRectangle over SegmentedControl, I get this:

Is it possible to get Rectangle over SegmentedControl, or I simply need to hide control while Rectangle is visible?


What is the z-order of your controls? Is the RoundRectangle in front of the SegmentedControl?

I would also assume the the Z-Order is not correct. OTOH, the Segmented Control is often behaving unexpected (from my experience) and maybe hiding it is needed. But this could look “strange” to the user.

Have you tried to use a canvas instead of the Rectangle control and does it act the same?

Thank You, Beatrix, I checked, it was in front, but something in SegmentedControl was weird. Sascha, thank You, now I’m going to try canvas, it will be probably much better, Rectangle was just for test. But, I don’t know how to get rounded canvas as this rectangle and add little ‘‘x’’. I’m probably going to try with ContainerControl, but if anyone have something better, I am ( hoping this is right :smiley: ) , opened for new suggestions.

And again, Thank You :slight_smile:

From the screen shot, it seems to be under Windows. Stacking controls in Windows is not recommended, as it can flicker badly. Also, some controls, most notoriously TextField, pop up through anything on top when the mouse passes over.

I tried many solutions, but nothing is better than using a plain box window for what you seem to be attempting.

Yeah, its under Windows. I’m still learning so much things, so I’m going to try everything. And thanks for plain box window, I didn’t tried that.