Rounded Gradient Box - sample


I’ve wondering how this can be archived and started looking in the internet for cocoa sources. The way to go was a bit
different for the cocoa code but I’ve also found a simple answer in the realforum to use a picture with mask and so I’ve
developed a sample around showing the usage of a rounded box filled with a gradient and I thought I should share.

Maybe it’s a BOF for the professional among us but for some beginners it could be of help. You can remove the Cocoa
NSGradient/NSContextPort stuff and have REALBasic do the calculations to make it cross plattform.

Please share your thoughts re the code or approach leave post kudos for me :slight_smile:

As you’re digging into declares, look into creating a path on a CGContext, then clipping the context to that path, then drawing your CGGradient . As you’re working with CGContexts already, it’s quicker than a NSGradient.

here’s a screenshot of the example above.

I know you’re technically right but I am not familiar with CG. Can you help me understanding it ?

Core Graphics is a wonderful toolkit, very vast, but wonderful.

I don’t have any sample code to hand at the moment for doing this, it would take me a wee while to generate it specifically for you. Instead as you’re already playing with declares take a look at this document and do some searching on using CoreGraphics with Xojo.