Round control button in Windows 8

Hello, I am new to Xojo, I am trying to learn Xojo by converting some of the examples I learned with visual basic 6. With one example ( a Timer Application) I use round controls with an icon for a start/stop action. I am using Windows 8.1 and the bevel (round) property for the bevelbutton control does not seem to do anything. What am I doing wrong? how can I get a round control?

You will most likely have to create one using a Canvas or find a premade one. At , I have a large library of custom controls and demos available for free. The XDS Library in the right-hand pane of the homepage has numerous examples of knob controls and all-sorts. You may find one in the downloads section, but the library application itself has items available the downloads section does not. You are not doing anything wrong, the bevelbutton behaves differently depending on the OS. Welcome to Xojo! Coming from VB, there is a little learning curve, but you’ll enjoy Xojo far better once you get the hang of it. They’re very similar.

Thanks Matthew, checked your site (lots there). I was getting a bit discouraged but now I can start having some fun with Xojo but first I will now go to sleep (it is 1:50 AM where I am(. made a small donation -site is worth it. I am a retiring Hospital Biomedical Scientist and like to learn interfacing and virtual instrumentation and interested in virtual instrument controls.