Roo 2.4.0 Released

As many of you will know, Roo is my interpreted scripting language (written in Xojo) that not only acts as a drop-in replacement for Xojoscript providing a rich object library but also can be used as a stand alone command line interpreter.

This release is huge and adds support for networking and JSON manipulation from within Roo scripts. Making a GET request is as simple as:

var response = HTTP.get(""); print(response.status);

More complicated requests are also easy:

var r = Request(); r.url = ""; r.method = "POST"; r.content = '{"title": "foo", "body": "bar", "userId": 1}'; r.content_type = "application/json; charset=UTF-8"; var response = r.send; print(response.body);

As always, the code is open source and on GitHub. Comprehensive documentation on using the language and incorporating it into your Xojo projects can be found on the language’s home page: A sample project including a syntax-highlighting IDE can be found here.