"Role" in FileTypes Editor Keeps Reverting to "None"

Xojo 2021r2.1

I create filetypes in the editor for xlsx and rtf files, and set the Role to “Edit” and Rank to whatever. When I click on another item in the Navigator and then go back to the Filetypes Editor, Role has reverted to “None”. What am I doing wrong?

It’s a bug in that version of Xojo. If you wish to continue using that version of Xojo, you can use something App Wrapper to add the file type once the application is built. Albeit App Wrapper doesn’t have a file type editor, but if you’re interested, then let me know.

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Save as soon as you change the Role, that is before closing the filetype window or selecting another pane. It should work.

Tried that, doesn’t work.

Thanks, @Sam_Rowlands. Guess I won’t be dragging files to my app’s icon :frowning:

And just to make it extra frustrating, I can see that there’s a property App.AcceptFiletypes. But no way to access it.

You could modify the plist file after you build

Yep, that works. PITA, though…