rm: ....... : permission denied

Oh what have I gone and done?
I used Time Machine to restore a project (where I’d made a silly mistake) to an earlier version - restoring all the files in the folder for that project (I know I should have been using GIT, and usually do).

The project now compiles OK but when I run I get a message from Xojo along the following lines:

with many files quoted as having permission denied.

Please help me restore my sanity this Monday morning.

Check the permissions of your folders. There is a nice little utility called Batchmod (http://lagentesoft.com) so that you can reset the permissions recursively from the top folder.

Not needed: the Finder allows you to set the permissions for the target fie or for all the files in the target folder.

Thank you - wasn’t so much that the permissions were wrong as that the folder was locked so I couldn’t change permissions. All working again.