RightLock not enforced after Animator1.move

I have a 1 pixel wide WebImageView placed near the right side of a WebContainer. I have the WebImageView, WebContainer, and instance of the container in a WebForm all set with all sides locked. I have confirmed that all locks are working as expected.

When first opened the WebImageView is invisible. When a WebListBox cell of thumbs is clicked I am setting the WebImageView to visible, setting it’s width to the value of it’s left side, putting the full size picture into the WebImageView, then in a timer animating a move to set the left side to 0…

LIstBox cell Clicked: PatientImageViewer.Width=lbPatientThumbs.left PatientImageViewer.left = lbPatientThumbs.left PatientImageViewer.Picture = ResizeToFit(PatientPicture,PatientImageViewer.Width,PatientImageViewer.Height) PatientImageViewer.Visible=true Timer1.Mode=Timer.ModeSingle

Timer: me.Mode = Timer.ModeOff Animator1.move(PatientImageViewer, 0, 0, 0.5) Animator1.Play

This has the affect of the selected thumb’s full size picture sliding out from under the thumbs listbox.

After the animation has completed the right side of the PatientImageViewer remains set to locked, but no longer works. It does not resize with the web page. All the other sides, left/top/bottom, remain locked and working.

Is this expected behaviour? Anything I can do to keep the left side lock enforced.



As I recall, animator must release all of the locks to work properly. Have you tried setting the lockLeft property to False and then True again?

Actually the animation works perfectly, it that is what you are referring to. I am not sure but as I read the docs, the locks are in essence read only once set…

I will try your suggestion, however, as soon as i can. I had a crash late yesterday and did something stupid when I reopened Xojo to where I lost a couple of days work, including this animation thingee.