Right or left handed ?

@Dana Brown - I might have missed, but what was the scientifically substantiated outcome of the survey.
For me it was difficult to answer, since I mouse with right, hold the pen with left, hammer with right and other things I don’t even know but I do. I’ve read somewhere that the left part of the brain is for coding, and the right part is for dealing with the society. And, I’ve read the left part of the brain is controlling the right hand and visa versa. So far, no issues, I am OK.



Well, can’t answer that, as the left half of my brain is my brain.

If socialSkills = Nil Then MsgBox "That's me, Eli!" Else MsgBox "You Talking To Me?" End

The left side brain is the logical one on a right handed person. A left handed person may very well have a right side brain that handle logic, just as it handles motricity.

Besides, Who says coding is only logic ? Sure, a good part of coding is topography, mental representation and logic. But are not the best programs the result of intuition, aesthetics and elegance, all the result of what the left side brain famous for ?

Commonly held myth as much as fact
There are people who have nothing we would identify as a brain that function perfectly fine -they’re hydro encephalitic
There are people who have had major trauma that function perfectly

The brain is highly malleable so it’s inaccurate to say that the right side ALWAYS controls one side of the body and vice versa
Normally there seems to be this association but it can be rewired

A good (great?) programmer is as much an artist as anything else… and by artist I don’t necessarily mean “art” in the sense of painting or sculpture. But possessing the imagination and ability to see the sum of the parts as well as the whole, to be able to envision the interaction of human and machine (or machine and machine), which goes way beyond “typing code”