Right-contextual menu problem

I have intermittent customers who have been using my programs for years but suddenly can no longer select from contextual menus after right click . (after compiled for Windows with 2018R3)
The menu appears but clicking on an item does nothing.

You may want to verify if you return True in ConstructContextualMenu.

Have you looked at the code in ContextualMenuAction ?

Yes all the code is correct. It only fails for a very small percentage of users.
I’m going to use Teamviewer to remote in and try it myself. I read somewhere if you move the mouse off the menu after right click to lose focus and then back on to click it will work.
Just can’t replicate the problem on my system which is very frustration.

It also could be an issue of use. On Mac you can right click on the option and it validates it. On Windows, I am not sure if right click validates the option.