[RFC] Standardized Metadata Manifest Proposal

I have been in touch privately with a number of the major Xojo Plugin authors, but I don’t want to miss anyone so I’m now posting publicly. I have been working on a plugins manager for some time, and recently it has started to take shape. This has prompted the need for a standardized plugin metadata manifest. Having had to try to figure out version information in the past without one, I think it’s about time we add this information.

I have outlined the proposal in an open feedback ticket
<https://xojo.com/issue/59301> - Proposal for a standardized Plugin metadata manifest

The public beta for Plugins Pro will be launching very soon. Should you like to extend information about your plugins to my app, simply add a Version.info text file with your details at the root of the plugin. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’m happy to support everyone’s plugins!

Great idea to have a standardized format for versions. Great if the IDE could display it.

Plugin authors could just do this
The only thing the plugin SDK dictates is the general structure of the zip file for things the IDE expects to find
You can add extra resources in there today

We already include something.

Key element is for Xojo to recognize it and show it.

thats not the gist of this proposal though
its to create such a standard

not to display the data - this would be a different feature request

plugin authors could define such a standard among themselves and then submit a feature request for xojo to display that data

IF Xojo had any involvement in packaging plugins (like the old plugin packaging app) the sure they could enforce a standard meta data requirement and format
But plugins are just zip files now - authors can put whatever they want in whatever form they want whereever they want in that zip file as long as the bits Xojo needs & looks for are present and you have a plugin

my suggestion is to hash out a “common format” between the active authors - publish it then make a request to Xojo to show that data
that IS something actionable on their part

[quote=477113:@Norman Palardy]thats not the gist of this proposal though
its to create such a standard[/quote]
That wasn’t the gist of your complaint either.

See #59302

See #59301

See #59302

“thats not the gist of this proposal though”

See #59301

See #59302

I’ve added some feedback points to this. Plugin management has always been a pain so anything that can be done to help is a good thing.