Review time MAS

Now, I become Feedback after 3 weeks.

This is only a start of the app. I don’t understand this 3 weeks review.

My mistake was, that I have the problem, too. I become a receipt and the message “is damaged” on my test environment. I check this and don’t find a solution. Naively I think, should Apple say that the problem is. I read about problems with test user in iTunes Connect and many magic workarounds as I must delete my Testuser and create a new one in iTunes Connect etc.! My mistake is to say, ok this seems a problem in MAS processes and Apple can say more.

After a few days in status “review” I thought, everything is fine and that it was only a problem on my side. Now, three weeks later for start this app. I don’t understand what happens in 3 weeks?

Bloody hell! Then I have time I must find the reason why the code can not check the receipt. Versionnumbers etc.! A little Blackbox ….

Oh dear! Frustrating huh? There can be many reasons as to why you’re getting this error.

#1 Is the application correctly code signed? Make sure that all executable code is code signed, I would suggest getting RB App Checker Lite from the App Store to take a look.

#2 Most common with FileMaker apps, is that they modify the resources of the application on running it, which breaks the code signature.

#3 Make sure that your test account is valid.

#4 I’ve seen this sometimes, where it just appears to be a failure between here and there and simply trying again it works.

Oh forgot to also mention checking the validation on the receipt, make sure that you’re passing in the correct identifier.

It’s a little productivity app although it wasn’t made in Xojo. Version 1.0 of the app was rejected twice (Apple didn’t like the way I was using Notification Center).

It wasn’t that long ago that I had apps waiting nearly a month to get into review. But once in review, it should be a fairly quick process. There was one app that appeared “stuck” when in review, much like yours was, but an email got it moving. My assumption is that there’s an automated part of the review process as well as a human part. Perhaps it’s possible, under certain conditions, to get stuck in the automated part.

Yes, frustrating and wondering. In this case the human part was very long to check the description for MAS. I don’t know what happens in this time? Discuss about the App? Strange.

Sam, what you mean in detail with:

I become a receipt for my test user in the app. What you mean with the correct identifier? I will check all points as soon as possible ……

I become = Ich werde, I get = ich hole :slight_smile:

I think that Thomas’ code is still valid: .

[quote=78849:@Beatrix Willius]I become = Ich werde, I get = ich hole :slight_smile:

I think that Thomas’ code is still valid: .[/quote]

Yes it is as I used that to submit my software weeks ago. Coupling Thomas’ guide with Sam Rowland’s AppWrapper software my app has now had 3 updates and all have been approved.