Reverting to previous commit

I’ve got 2 branches. I worked on some translations and imported the files into the wrong branch. Which I noticed after committing. I reverted to the previous commit. But how do I tell Cornerstone that this is now my new version?

I’ve tried to do some goggling but the instructions are for the CLI.

Had once a similar issue and i think i could only fix it (user revert or reset?) in the Shell.
I used Cornerstone in the past (up to v4.0), but stopped using it when Assembla started to change things i did not like.

I switched to Fork (Win/macOS) and since then everything is much easier. Maybe give it a try and try to revert your Repo using Fork?

BTW: I am no Git Guru but i was able to accomplish everything i wanted with Fork (but not with Cornerstone or Tower).

I’m still using the old version of Cornerstone from before Assembla. I’d rather not mix solving a problem with migrating to a different version system (SVN to GIT).

Oh, i missed the SVN part :slight_smile:

Maybe this Support Article may help: Reverting to an Arbitrary Revision

According to
I can try with

svn merge -r [current_version]:[previous_version] [repository_url]

which should be

svn merge -r 8041:8040 [repository_url]

But I’ll try the instructions from the article first - as soon as the brain is a bit cooler.